Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Favourites: Colours for Autumn

When it comes to clothes, one of our favourite things about the changing season is welcoming more autumnal colours into our wardrobe. Neons and pastels are all very well, but when there's a chill in the air there's something far more comforting about wrapping yourself up in rich, cosy hues. 

Here are five of our favourite trending colours for autumn.



1. '60s Style Coat: This zingy coat would look gorgeous paired with navy accessories. 
Giles coat -

2. Ballet Flats: These tangerine shoes with black trim give off a Halloween vibe (in the best possible way). 
Ballet shoes -
3. Jumper Dress: Comfy yet stylish, a dress like this would look great with wool tights and leather boots. 

White Stuff white top -



1. Belted Wool Coat: Long coats like these are great for just throwing on and heading out - who cares what kind of scruffy get-up you're wearing underneath so long as your exterior is chic!
Biba coat -

2. Gloves: Leather gloves should really make a comeback - they're just so classy and ladylike.
Lanvin lambskin glove -

3. Turban: Ok, we admit that neither of us would have the guts to actually wear this, but somebody should! It's seriously glamorous.
Turban hat -



1. Ruched Dress: This elegant dress would be perfect for any special autumn event, paired with midnight-blue or gold accessories.
Long sleeve ruched dress -

2. Ruffled Top: A top like this is so versatile, and can be dressed up with a pencil skirt or down with a pair of jeans. 
Lauren Ralph Lauren vneck shirt -

3. Leather Handbag: An aubergine handbag would look great with pretty much any colour coat you may have - cream, black, grey, camel, navy or even red.
See by Chloé genuine leather handbag -



1. Skinnies: These cobalt skinny pants are a refreshing change from denim, while still going with everything you'd pair your jeans with. 
MSGM skinny pants -

2. Peplum Top: This on-trend style would look great with either trousers or a skirt.
Coast peplum top -

3. Chelsea Boots: Cool and comfy and go with tights or jeans. 
Slip on shoes -



1. Playsuit: Wear a playsuit into the cooler months with a pair of black tights.
Jeane Blush jumpsuits and romper -

2. Lace Top: Instead of your typical black and white, look for lace pieces in an interesting colour, like this jade one.
Pitsipusero -

3. Textured Handbag: Jade looks surprisingly good with navy, so liven up a drab outfit with a handbag of this hue.

Brahmin satchel handbag -

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Travels: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is kind of a love/hate least, that's what we've concluded on hearing people's views on the place. It's easy to see why people don't like it - unlike many European capitals, it doesn't have strikingly grand buildings; it's kinda grungy throughout the whole city and exceedingly seedy in parts (ie. the Red Light District); and you're in perpetual fear of being run over by a cyclist (the bicycle culture there is incredible, by the way - we'd never seen anything like it. There are virtually no cars, and absolutely everyone gets around by bike, from young children to the elderly. Instead of parking lots, they have bicycle lots!)

Buuuuut, despite all these flaws, we fell into the love-Amsterdam camp. There's just something about the's so eclectic and vibrant and cultural and...European. Although it's a surprisingly compact city, and very easy to get around, it still has a bustling, energetic, "big city" vibe to it.

{So quaint!}

{Such a typical Amsterdam canalside view}
{Bloemenmarkt aka Flower Market}

{We love Amsterdam!}

We wandered the streets, admiring the tall, narrow houses overlooking the canals that are so typical of the city. We browsed around the various markets dotted around, including the colourful Bloemenmarkt (flower market) where bright tulips (of course!) abounded. We took in a few museums, including the magnificent Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, as well as the Anne Frank Huis, which was fascinating, though so, so sad.
{I Amsterdam!}

{The canalside houses were originally built for wealthy merchants in the 17th century}

{Anne Frank Huis}

The Anne Frank House is located on the Prinsengracht canal, and opened as a museum in 1960. It was formerly a warehouse where Anne, her parents, sister, and four others, hid from the Nazis from 1942-44 before they were tragically discovered and sent to concentration camps. Anne's father, Otto, was the only one to survive the war, and published his daughter's diary in 1947. 

{A bookcase concealed the entrance to the family's hiding place}
{One of Anne's diaries}

It was a very sad, but completely moving experience. We were worried that it would feel kind of wrong to eat in the museum cafe but we decided that Anne would have approved of all the attention her home has gotten - she wanted to be a Hollywood star, so she would have liked all the fuss made over her ;-) 

{Carrot cake overlooking the canal}

{Seriously yummy hot chocolate}

Later on, we went on a canal cruise - perfect for gliding past all these lovely buildings while resting our weary feet! We got a real feel for Dutch architecture and learned some interesting stories about the city's history...and then it was farewell to Amsterdam ;-( 
May we return soon!!!
{Larger houses, like this one, would have been owned by very wealthy merchants}

{Cruising :-)}

{Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!!!!!}

{We stayed in a boat! Yes, it was a biiiit out of the way, but cool nonetheless}

{Goodbye, Amsterdam!}

Image 3:
Image 9:
Image 10:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wild Horses

Printed shirts have been kicking around for a while, but their charm seems to have increased as of late with the absolutely adorable designs we've been seeing in shops this season. In addition to the ubiquitous plaid and gingham, our hearts have been stolen by shirts strewn with owls, polka dots, apples, elephants...and horses, as Vicky models. Whether you wear your shirt loud and proud, or take a more subtle approach by having it peek out from a jumper or cardigan, this is an easy way of adding a dose of cute to an otherwise staid outfit.

Horse print shirt - H&M
Grey knit jumper - Gap
Black leggings - H&M
Tan leather boots - Aldo
Lipstick - "Nude Attitude" by Revlon
Nail polish - "Blue Moon" by Barry M and "Cloudless Sky" by George at Asda

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five Laughs

Hello, lovely readers! We hope you're all savouring the last few days of August and crossing off any final things to do on your summer bucket lists. The weather is starting to cool down here in Victoria and there's definitely a hint of autumn in the air. Uni is back in session next Wednesday (although there's been talk of a strike...fingers crossed it won't be too disruptive). On a brighter note, here are our five favourite laughs of the week for you to enjoy!

Ghetto LacosteOH, LIONEL!  you're so cheesy, but i still love your music!

Please sir…

haha the pictures

"I said NO!!!!"

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Star Style: Gemini

Hey there, Geminis! This Monday is all about you in our third instalment of the Star Style series. As we've mentioned in the Aries and Taurus posts, you should check out what else your chart holds in order to get a more accurate description of your personality (just type your date of birth into You may find that you have more in common with the signs that come before or after Gemini (which would be Taurus and Cancer). And, you should also bear in mind that Geminis tend to have split personalities - for the most part you are vivacious and extroverted, but you do have a quiet, more reflective side, too. 

GEMINI (21st May - 20th June)
Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Colour: Yellow
Gem: Pearl, agate, citrine
Flower: Lily of the Valley, iris, lavender
Traits: Bubbly, quick-witted, eloquent, versatile and inquisitive, but can be superficial, restless and manipulative.
Your Style: You tend to go for bright colours and busy prints; you get bored easily so your wardrobe is constantly changing!

                        FAMOUS GEMINIS

{Natalie Portman}                           {Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen}                      {Angelina Jolie}

    {Nicole Kidman}                                        {Kylie Minogue}                  {Carey Mulligan}

                     {Lucy Hale}                                      {Heidi Klum}                                 {Adriana Lima}

             {Maria Menounos}                                {Zoe Saldana}                                    {Elizabeth Hurley}       



1. Colourful Playsuit: A cheerful playsuit like this is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, as it can be worn with bare legs in summer and tights when the weather starts to cool. 

2. Pearl Necklace: Pearls are lucky for you but a traditional strand may be too conservative for your taste; the chains on this one give it a bit of edge.
Gabriele Frantzen tahitian pearl jewelry -

3. Yellow Blazer: A lemony blazer will pull together practically any outfit, and inject it with a dose of happy.
Boyfriend jacket -

4. Graphic Print Leggings: When it comes to prints, the busier the better is your motto. Pair leggings like these with a big, slouchy jumper and ankle boots for a cosy autumn outfit.
Tribal pants -

5. Bright Nail Polish: Draw attention to your (Gemini-ruled) hands with eye-catching nailpolish in unexpected colours. 
Essie nail polish -

6. Yellow Ballet Flats: You're always on the go, so comfy shoes are a must (as long as they're cheerful and cute like these ones).
L K Bennett ballerina flat -

7. Petite Cherie Perfume: You tend to go for fresh scents that are fruity as opposed to floral, so this gorgeous scent (with notes of peach and freshly cut grass) would be perfect for you.
Annick Goutal fragrance -

8. Polka Dot Bag: Practical, chic, yet totally exuberant, this bag ticks all the boxes.
Cotton tote bag -

9. Stackable Rings: These rings can be adjusted according to your mood; wear one or two when you're feeling a minimalist vibe, or the whole lot if you're more bold.
Pave jewelry -

10. Interesting Phone Case: You are the communicator of the zodiac, and, as such, you are permanently glued to your phone. So you might as well make sure it's well-dressed in a hyperactive graphic-print case like this one.
Tech accessory -

Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Lipsticks Every Girl Should Own

Admittedly, not everyone is big into lipstick, but in our books it is the quickest way of brightening your face on days when you don't have too much time to put on make-up. Even if your hair is looking rat's nest-esque and your clothes could do with a good ironing, a slick of lipstick can do wonders in giving you a semblance of put-togetherness.

There are really only five basic lipsticks you need in your arsenal of beauty products, and with these you can create any number of looks based on whatever the occasion calls for. 

(For some of my personal favourites, be sure to check out my lipstick of the week series here).

1. Red
Red lipstick is a sophisticated classic that can, contrary to popular belief, be worn during the day (as long as you keep your eye make-up minimal). It looks especially chic worn with khaki, chambray and breton stripes. 

For Fair skin: "Fire and Ice" by Revlon
Tanned/Olive skin: "Jungle Red" by NARS
Dark skin: "Russian Red" by MAC

2. Pink
Pink-hued lipstick is always girly and playful, but it can be as subtle or loud as you want, depending on whether you veer towards pastel or neon. And, unlike with red lipstick, you can get away with a more dramatically done eye.

For Fair skin: "Saint Germain" by MAC
Tanned/Olive skin: "Pink Nouveau" by MAC
Dark skin: "Fuchsia" (ColourBurst) by Revlon 

3. Nude
Whether you're going for a glowing, "natural" look, or simply want to balance out an intensely smoky eye, there's always a reason to have a good nude-coloured lipstick in your make-up collection.

For Fair skin: "Honolulu Honey" by NARS
Tanned/Olive skin: Kate Moss #14 by Rimmel
Dark skin: "Cafe Chic" by Estee Lauder

4. Coral
Neither pink nor orange, coral lipstick is a warm, exuberant choice that can be worn year-round but works best in spring and summer. It's the perfect complement to the bright colours and loud prints of these seasons, but can also look fab with a simple black dress.

For Fair skin: "So Chaud" by MAC
Tanned/Olive skin: "Coral Lustre" by Maybelline
Dark skin: "Lady Danger" by MAC

5. Berry
This rich, somewhat intense choice really comes into its own in autumn and winter, worn with deep jewel-tones like mustard, teal and midnight blue and heavier textures like velvet and wool. As with red lipstick, avoid pairing it with heavily made-up eyes so that you don't stray into vamp territory. 

For Fair skin: "Berry Queen" by Rimmel
Tanned/Olive skin: "Hot Tahiti" by MAC
Dark skin: "Berry Rich" by Revlon


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Travels: Lucerne & Weggis, Switzerland

This week for Thursday Travels, we'll be recounting our Swiss adventures, which took place in the Lake Lucerne region. None of us had been to Switzerland before, but we had a clear preconception of the place, imagining it to be clean and efficient with an abundance of chocolate, cheese and fresh air. And, as it turned out, we weren't too far off the mark - all the Swiss stereotypes are kinda true. 

We started off in Lucerne (or Luzern, its German spelling), spending a few hours in this serene, lakeside city with a population just under 80, 000. It's a very pretty place, with an interesting mix of architecture; modern(ish) steel buildings alongside the traditional wooden chalet-style structures. We checked out the city's two best-known landmarks, the Chapel Bridge and the Lion Monument, and stocked up on our Milka and Lindt chocolate (as was to be expected, the selection of chocolate bars was amazing). 

{Vicky in Lucerne city centre}

The Chapel Bridge, constructed in the 14th century, is the largest of the numerous bridges in Lucerne, and definitely the most ornate, with beautiful interior paintings. 

{The Chapel Bridge, aka Kapellbrücke}

{Ali and Vicky, loving life}

{Vicky on the bridge}

The Lion Monument (created in 1820-21), is a tribute to the Swiss mercenaries killed during the French Revolution. It's in a secluded little part of the city, shaded by trees and overlooking a glassy pond; a poignant sculpture described by Mark Twain as "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world."

{The Lion Monument, aka Löwendenkmal}

We were staying in a family-run chalet up Mount Rigi, about an hour from Lucerne, and midway between the summit of the mountain and Weggis, a sleepy little lakeside town at its foot. Cable car was the only way of getting up and down, and it provided us with these absolutely breathtaking views. 

On our second and last (full) day in Switzerland, we went up to the summit of the mountain in the afternoon, and then down to Weggis later on in the day. There wasn't a whole lot to do at the top of the mountain, other than gaze at the jaw-dropping scenery and have a hearty feed of chips (all that fresh air gives you an immense appetite).

{Cable car up the mountain}

{Vicky and Becky in the Alps}

{Kinda like Canada, right?!} 

{Chip break on Mount Rigi}

And then we proceeded down to Weggis, pronounced "Vegas," ironically enough, as it could not have been sleepier. The streets were strangely devoid of people (apart from a handful at this super-incongruous "Latino" festival by the lakeshore), but what the town lacked in humans it made up for in kitschy garden ornaments. Seriously, every garden in the place had  a fine display of colourful, creepy statuary. 

{Vicky approves this garden's wealth of gnomes} 

{Vic's hotel}

{Partybeck is in the houuuuuse tonight!}

While the day had started off beautifully, all blue skies and fluffy white clouds, the heavens had taken an ominous turn by the time we got down to Weggis and we were caught in a sudden, torrential downpour. We dashed around the town frantically looking for shelter and eventually found respite in a little lakeside tea-room, where we consoled ourselves with sweet treats under the shelter of an awning while watching the rain lash down on the lake. 

{Hot chocolate & raspberry tart - the perfect cure for bedraggled, rain-sodden tourists}

We then had the daunting task of getting back up the mountain to where we were staying, which was no mean feat, given the pounding hailstones, thunder and lightning which had now taken over from the rain. Our only way back was via that

{Just a liiiiittle bit scary}

But we made it back in one piece, thank God! And no sooner had we stepped off it then the hail stopped, the sun came out, and all was right again. Ah, Swiss weather, how fickle you are! We'd never been more soaked to the bone in our lives but even that didn't detract from our fond memories of this beautiful alpine country. We'll be back!

{Beautiful sunrise the morning we left}

Image 14: