Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Each new fashion season, I love seeing what new trends are surfacing--I take note of which I'd like to try...and which I plan on steering well clear of. Here are my thoughts on ten of the most popular Spring/Summer 2014 trends... Which would you wear? And which would you not be caught dead in?! 

Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

1. Midi Skirts
Because I'm tall, shopping for skirts has always been a somewhat sad experience for me. When it comes to shorter skirts, something that would look respectable on someone else looks downright indecent on me, so you can imagine my delight when longer lengths started becoming a thing. If you feel like the classic midi is a bit too frumpy for your tastes, look for one with sheer panelling for a 2014 twist on this '50s style.
Lavish Alice midi skirt -

2. Crop Tops
My waist is one of my favourite features, so I'm a big fan of this subtle way of showing some skin. Unlike the belly-baring styles of the early noughties, the 2014 crop top is a more demure affair, best worn with something high-waisted so that only a sliver of skin peeks through.
Preen short sleeve shirt

3. D'Orsay Flats
So pretty! So dainty! So chic! I just love this feminine flat, which would look great with either boyfriend jeans or a midi skirt. Those with thicker ankles should stick to a thin strap, while skinnier ankles can take a chunkier one.
Gianvito Rossi white shoes -

4. Kimonos
Kimonos, to me, are the epitome of laid-back luxe: sophisticated, but comfy enough for lounging around the house in. And they flatter every body shape! Toss one over cut-offs and a simple tank to add a dose of bohemian glamour to your look. 
Monsoon swim cover up -

5. Sharp Pleats
I love the look of a crisply pleated skirt--either dressed down with an oversized sweatshirt, or up with a delicate blouse tucked in. Those with narrower hips can get away with more flimsy, chiffony materials, but hippier girls should consider a heavier fabric for a more flattering look.
J W Anderson mini skirt -

6. Culottes
Um, no. Just no. What the midi is to skirts, culottes are to pants, but this is one trend I just can't get behind. While there are many styles that I wouldn't wear but like on others, I have yet to see anyone rock a pair of culottes. I actually like palazzo pants, their longer-length sibling, but I think this calf-length style is very hard to pull off. 
Charlie Brear clothing -

7. Ugly Sandals
Honestly, I'm just not cool enough for man-repelling fashion in general, and the whole ugly sandal trend is no exception. It actually seems like a fun kind of trend to partake in (I think I'd kind of enjoy shopping around for the absolute ugliest pair I could find), but I don't think I'd actually bite the bullet and wear them. 
Steve Madden sandals -

8. Sleeveless Blazers
This style can look very sleek and sharp, and would be perfect for warmer weather...but personally, I'm not a fan. What can I say? I just like my blazers with sleeves. 
Ted Baker blazer -

9. Mules
Gross-sounding name, creepy-looking shoe (in my humble opinion). But one girl's shoe pariah is another girl's treasure, right?! In their defence, they do seem relatively comfy as far as heels go...and they'd be easy to wear with any style of trouser (just maybe not #6 ;-). 
Pour La Victoire shoes -

10. Overalls
Once upon a time, I was actually a fan of this farm-friendly look (I have fond memories of an orange, knee-length pair I had circa 1998). These days, however, it's not a look I'm in any hurry to revisit; while I've seen overalls look super cool on flat-chested, narrow-hipped girls, they wouldn't look so great on my figure.
Citizens of Humanity bib overall -

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Items Inspired by Pantone's 2014 Spring Colours

It seems just yesterday that we were compiling our Pantone Fall Colours list, but here we are half a year later with the springtime edition! With ten hues ranging from delicate to vibrant, we hope you find a fresh new shade to introduce into your warm-weather wardrobe. 

Pantone Fashion Colours 2014

Untitled #28

1. Placid Blue
Calling to mind sunny-day skies and seaside waves, this tranquil shade of blue would be the perfect choice for your next manicure. 
Butter London blue nail polish -

2. Violet Tulip
A silky shirt in this flattering, blue-based shade of purple can be dressed down with a pair of cut-offs or up with a perforated leather skirt.   
Long sleeve top -

3. Hemlock
A gentle grey-based green, the fresh Hemlock would add an unexpected, summery pop to accessories--from sunglasses to watches. 
MARC BY MARC JACOBS mint green jewelry -

4. Paloma
One of the hardest-working items in my wardrobe is my black leather jacket, but this time of year, it starts to feel a bit heavy...a similar style in a dove grey would be just as versatile but a little more summery. 
Reiss zip jacket

5. Sand
A buttery leather tote in this warm neutral will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, guaranteed.  
ChloĆ© beige purse -

6. Freesia 
Although it's one of the happiest colours around, many people complain that bright yellow can make them look sallow or washed-out--if you're one of those people, consider wearing it on your lower half instead. An adorable daffodil-esque skirt like this one combines a hot colour with a trendy trumpet hem. 
ChloĆ© flounce hem skirt -

7. Cayenne
A zesty shade of coral, Cayenne is a flattering colour on most, and adds a bit of oomph to any ensemble. But, just like its spicy namesake, a little goes a long way...use it in small, punchy doses tempered by neutrals. 
Dorothy Perkins petite shorts -

8. Celosia Orange
Consider working this playful shade into your make-up routine--after all, the orange lip is making a huge comeback! To ensure the look is less '70s, more J. Crew catalogue, keep eye make-up to the bare minimum--just a slick of mascara will suffice. 
MAC Lipstick Morange (A)

9. Radiant Orchid
There are sunglasses, and then there are funglasses--we think these shades in Pantone's Number One Colour of 2014 fall firmly into the latter category. 
Karen walker sunglasses

10. Dazzling Blue
You probably already have this trendy style of shoe in a practical black or nude...but why not branch out to a slightly more daring shade, like this rich cobalt?
Ava & Aiden metallic shoes -

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! And a belated Merry Christmas! We hope you had a fantastic break and are feeling refreshed and ready for 2014!
Lots of love,
Ali & Vic xo

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

In generaltraditional hearty breakfast food (think bacon, sausages, and eggs in any form) has never really done it for me, but I've always been a big fan of pancakes. Despite my love for them, however, I usually end up having them only once a year (on Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day, naturally). However, I was inspired by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere's recent take on Apple Cinnamon Pancakes (using this Smitten Kitchen recipe), to try this seasonal variation out for myself. Perfect for this time of year, they are not only tasty and comforting, but leave your kitchen smelling heavenly as you whip them up. (Note: the recipe calls for three apples, but I found one was plenty, as I didn't want them to be overwhelmingly apple-y. And I used one teaspoon of cinnamon, which was perfect).

{Gathered ingredients--those random sachets on the right are salt btw...what can I say, I use what I've got!}

{The finished product...I wish you could smell them!}

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I've gotta say, I'm a big fan of the whole embellished-sweater trend that's going on right now. While I'm attracted to shiny, glitzy things, I'm actually pretty lazy about wearing jewellery (I'm not one for multiple necklaces and stacked-on bangles), so a top with built-in bling is right up my alley. Also, this post has just made me realise that I totally have a uniform for this time of year, as evidenced here. I guess a black top + grey skirt + berry lip is my comfort zone! Breaking out of this grey and black rut is definitely going to be one of my New Year's resolutions...

Floral beaded pullover - Banana Republic
Grey tweed skirt - Banana Republic
Rose-patterned tights - XOXO via Winners
Black patent flats - J. Crew
Lipstick - "Rebel" by MAC

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY: Mermaid Costume

Halloween may be over now, but we just had to share Claudia's fantastic homemade mermaid costume with you! Neither Vicky nor I dressed up this year, but even if we had, I don't think we could have topped Claudia's amazing aquatic get-up.

A good mermaid costume should consist of an abundance of pearls and sequins, and Claudia incorporated these staples of under-the-sea couture into her outfit via a jewel-encrusted top and dazzling blue skirt/tail.

The top started off its life as a basic H&M bra, but was transformed in the space of an hour with glue-gunned-on blue gems (from Fabricland), pearls (from an old necklace), and a shimmery silver ribbon (found lying around the house, most likely from a chocolate box).

Crafting the "tail" (also from Fabricland) was a much less labour-intensive process--Claudia just secured the piece of fabric in place with a few safety pins, keeping the length as it was for that swishy, trailing effect.

Pearl jewellery, metallic sandals, and beachy waves completed the look, for an ensemble that would make Ariel sea-green with envy!

In terms of make-up, Claudia used the following:

-St Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse 
-Ardell fake lashes
-'Full Moon' by Too Faced and Urban Decay's 'Faint' (from the Naked Basics palette) eyeshadow
-Bourjois' Khol & Contour in 'Bleu Original' for lining under the eyes
-Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Peppermint'

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 Items Inspired by Pantone's 2013 Fall Colours

Inspired by the colours chosen by Pantone for Fall 2013, we've compiled a selection of items in these autumnal hues...

pantone 2013 fall colors
Pantone Fall 2013
1. Emerald
Rich jewel tones are perfect for this time of year, and an emerald-coloured handbag would be a sophisticated accessory for an autumn outfit.
Mulberry handbag -

2. Mykonos Blue
In case you don't already know, the midi skirt is where it is at right now. Love it (Ali) or loathe it (Vicky), this demure length isn't going away any time soon. Save the feminine florals and pastel shades for spring and summer, and try one out in a deep, fall-appropriate shade like the Grecian-inspired Mykonos Blue.
J W Anderson skirt -
3. Linden Green
Unlike the other nine colours, Linden Green has a decidedly springlike air; a bit unexpected, perhaps, in a sea of saturated jewel tones, but surprisingly refreshing. A t-shirt in this shade would look fresh peeking out from a charcoal-grey or navy blazer.
J Crew j crew t shirt -

4. Acai
Try this dark, moody purple on your nails for a slick autumnal look.
Butter London dark purple nail polish -

5. Samba
A deep, vivid red adds a powerful punch to any ensemble; if you find it a bit too overpowering in large doses, consider incorporating it into your look via a smart accessory, like this felt hat.
Wool felt hat

6. Koi
While bright orange is one of those colours that seamlessly crosses over from summer into fall, the cooler temperatures of this time of year require pieces in heavier materials. Consider working this colour into your wardrobe with a chic leather skirt or knit sweater.
Richard Nicoll side slit skirt -

7. Deep Lichen Green
Bright colours are all very well, but sometimes your mood calls for something a little more subdued--this soft, earthy green colour is perfect for such times, and a long, cosy cardi is the perfect piece to chill out in.
H M cardigan -

8. Vivacious
Pink is kind of the colour for coats this season. The runways for a/w 13 were awash in oversized outerwear in delicate, sorbet shades, but if pastels aren't really your thing, why not consider a coat in the vibrant Vivacious?
Dkny coat

9. Turbulence
It almost seems like no one wears plain blue denim anymore, what with the overwhelming variety of coloured and patterned jeans out there. However, nothing is more flattering to the figure than a solid dark wash, and if dark blue and black are a bit too boring for you, why not try out a pair in a dark grey?
Mango dark grey jeans -

10. Carafe
Brown boots are an autumnal staple, and you're bound to get great mileage out of a pair in this rich, coffee-brown hue.
Tory Burch boots