Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Things to Do in March

Happy March, lovely readers! We hope you enjoy our suggestions for things to do in this charming month :-)

1. Spring Clean Your House

Way back in January, we suggested that you de-Christmas the house and clean out your fridge, but this type of cleaning is on a whole other level. Spring Cleaning requires that you do a thorough scrubbing, polishing, sweeping, dusting, whatever-ing to freshen up your place for the incoming season. Divide it into manageable hours here and there or do it all in one fell swoop Marathon Cleaning Session (but make sure to suitably reward yourself afterwards!)

2. Spring-ify Your Wardrobe
10 Items For Spring

It's the time of year when heavy winter clothes are starting to feel stale and stuffy, so rejuvenate your wardrobe with some new Spring additions. Bring your old warmer-weather clothes back into rotation, and check out our 10 Items For Spring for some inspiration on what new items to buy.

3. Celebrate International Women's Day 
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International Men's Day (celebrated on the 19th of November, fyi), does not have nearly the same level of hype that our day gets on the 8th of March, but we have had a tougher time of it historically, so a day observing the enormous strides women have made in bettering their lives and those of future generations deserves all the celebration it can get.

4. Spring Forward

Clocks go forward on Sunday the 10th in North America and on the 31st in Europe. It does mean you get shortchanged with your sleep that night, but on the plus side, the evenings will be getting decidedly lighter!

5. Celebrate Mother's Day (Ireland & UK)

This is another one of those confusing days that occurs on different dates in Europe and North America. But if you're in Ireland or the UK, we hope you showered your mama with lots of love this past Sunday!

6. Observe Plant a Flower Day

The 12th of March (aside from being our darling mama's birthday) is Plant a Flower Day! Cool, right?! So we suggest you do just that! Whether you actually plant a flower/seeds in your garden, cultivate a window box, or simply take better care of existing indoor plants, it's a nice way of connecting with nature and getting in on the Spring vibes. 

7. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

We love St. Paddy's for obvious reasons, but even if you don't have a drop of Irish blood in you, you can still get into the festive spirit by donning your finest shades of green on the 17th of March. (But as for that whole getting-pinched-if-you're-not-wearing-green? Completely a North American thing. As is calling it St. Patty's. Please don't.)

8. Celebrate Fragrance Day

Here's another obscure holiday for you to enjoy! (We swear we don't make these up - they're all certified, legitimate occasions :-) Celebrated on the 21st of March, it's the perfect day for investing in a new, springtime-appropriate perfume. Some suggestions? Daisy by Marc Jacobs, White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone, Cherry Blossom by L'Occitane, Chloe, and  Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal are all light, feminine scents perfect for this time of year.

9. Celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Another fun holiday we are most definitely in support of! Take it as a day to celebrate the little things in life (well, unless it's your birthday, in which case go all out). Get all dressed up, have cake for breakfast and champagne for dinner...whatever floats your boat, really, on this random Tuesday.

10. Celebrate Easter

Easter Sunday falls on the last day of March this year. Celebrate Jesus' Resurrection however you see fit (which for us will include some serious demolishing of chocolate). And if you're in need of a delightful way to kill a few minutes of your time, we highly suggest you Google Image "easter vintage." The highly anthropomorphic rabbits, eggs, and chickens featured on old greeting cards are simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. 

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