Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Things to Do in April

Sorry for being AWOL this past month...things have been insanely busy with finals, work, and packing for Ali's upcoming move to Vancouver! We hope this has been a rewarding month for you all, and hope you enjoy this re-cap of things to do/have done in April!

1. Play a Prank on April Fool's Day

A well-planned prank may cause momentary mayhem, but is the only fitting way to welcome in the month of April, in our opinion. So long as the mischief doesn't cause any lasting emotional or physical harm, we say prank away!

2. Celebrate Siblings Day 
Portrait of the Artist's Sisters and Brother

Celebrate your siblings on the 10th of April, which just so happens to be National Siblings Day. Love them or loathe them, you and your kindred have a lifetime of shared memories, so spend some time together reminiscing on the good old days.

3. Celebrate National Humour Month
We suppose it's only fitting for the month that starts off with a day of mischief to be assigned National Humour Month! Obviously, laughter should be an integral part of your life year-round, but this month take some extra time to watch funny shows, read humorous books/articles etc...(If you're looking for some comedic suggestions, we cannot recommend the Australian comedian Chris Lilley highly enough - Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes, and Angry Boys have us in stitches - and we defy you to not laugh at the hilarity to be found on BuzzFeed). 

4. Observe Stress Awareness Month
stressed student

The clever people who assign causes to each month clearly don't do this arbitrarily: all things considered, as students we definitely find April to be the cruellest month. Final exams, multiple essay deadlines, etc., etc. can take their toll on your sanity, but make sure you take some time to just chill and re-energise...and remember, the end is nigh!

5. Observe Earth Day


The 22nd of April is Earth Day, so show some love to our planet, whether that be cleaning up litter at your local park, recycling, using less electricity around the house, or riding your bike to work. We are certainly not the greenest people around so don't have the authority to be too preachy, but it really doesn't take that much effort to do these little environmentally-friendly things.

6. Observe Shakespeare's Birthday


Shakespeare's exact date of birth is uncertain, but is traditionally celebrated on the 23rd of April. Not a whole lot is actually known about the man himself, but he is arguably the most influential figure in the history of English literature. Whether you take some time to read one of his plays or sonnets, or even just watch a movie like 10 Things I Hate About You (based on The Taming of the Shrew) or She's The Man (based on Twelfth Night), celebrate the day accordingly.

7. Celebrate St George's Day http://www.britainfirst.org/events/st-georges-day-rally-21st-april-berkshire/

The 23rd of April also marks the English celebration of St George's Day. First observed as a holiday in 1399 to celebrate the legendary soldier who saved a princess and slew a dragon, the day soon became on par with Christmas in terms of hype. Nowadays it's not as big a deal, but serves as a fitting day to celebrate all that is English.

8. Observe Poetry Reading Day 

The Lake Isle of Innisfree poem in handwritten italic calligraphy with spring blossom illustration

The delightful Poetry Reading Day is celebrated on the 28th of April, and serves as the perfect excuse to reacquaint yourself with favourite old poems and share them with others, as well as discover some new ones.

9. Observe Hairstyle Appreciation Day
Christina Aguilera

The last day of April has the glorious honour of being Hairstyle Appreciation Day, so observe the day accordingly by both dishing out compliments to people with fabulous locks, and being awestruck by some of the more gruesome examples to be found in Hairstyle History. This is a fantastic round-up of the 50 Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time. Enjoy!

10. Go For a Springtime Stroll in the Park

Spring is a magical time of year, and what better way to witness the natural glories of the season than by paying a trip to your local park? Take countless pictures of the cherry blossom, inhale the smell of freshly cut grass, and bask in the mild sunshine.

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