Friday, November 2, 2012

Star Style: Aquarius

Sorry for the delay in getting your Star Style posted, Aquarians!! But here it is at long last! Like we always say, it's worth having a look at the other stuff in your chart to see what other signs are influential - you can find all that out by keying in your date of birth details at You may find you have more in common with Capricorn (the sign before Aquarius) or Pisces (the sign after). But if you really feel like you're a true free-spirited, humanitarian, peace-loving, groovy Aquarian, then read on and enjoy our picks for you!

File:Aquarius2.jpgAQUARIUS (20 January - 18 February)
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
Colour: Electric blue, silver
Gem: Amethyst
Flower: Orchid, bird of paradise, tulip
Traits: Friendly, intelligent, quick-witted, innovative & idealistic, but can be unpredictable, detached, and stubborn.
Your Style: Aquarians are unpredictable and sometimes eccentric in their style. You are not afraid of trying out new trends, and frequently set your own!

                {Jennifer Aniston}                            {Lauren Conrad}                                    {Shakira}

{Paris Hilton}                                                        {Alicia Keys}                               {Christina Ricci}

 {Mischa Barton}                         {Daisy Lowe}                                   {Emma Roberts}

{Isla Fisher}                                                 {Kelly Rowland}                                {Rosamund Pike}              


1. Interesting Winter Coat: You tend to favour patterned rather than solid items, so this Aztec print coat would be perfect for braving the cold in.
Hooded toggle coat -

2. Patterned Jeans: These chevron-patterned jeans will stand out in a sea of boring denim.
Current/Elliott slim jeans -

3. Clutch: Add a touch of interest to your going-out get-up with an intriguing silver clutch.
Lattice clutch -

4. Bright Eyeshadow: You're always experimenting with make-up, so why not try out some unexpected shades on your eyes?
Urban decay eyeshadow -

5. Silver Party Dress: Sparkle and shine in a silver sequin dress that's perfect for the holiday season.
French Connection silver cocktail dress -

6. Jacquard Blazer: A blazer in a rich, brocade/jacquard fabric is a fresh take on this classic staple.
Topshop -

7. Statement Amethyst Jewellery: Incorporate your lucky stone into your outfit with a piece of statement jewellery, like this necklace (which would look fab with a simple t-shirt).
Necklace -

8. Studded Flats: Edgier than your typical ballet flats, these silver, studded, capped-toe wonders will toughen up even the sweetest outfit.
Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti flat shoes -

9. Colourful Hair Extensions: You like to shock now and then, so why not trick people into thinking you've dyed your hair purple by clipping some lavender locks into your everyday ponytail?
Lilac Lavender Pastel Purple Human Hair Extensions, Clip In Human Hair... -

10. Alien Perfume: This cutely bizarre little perfume, with notes of amber and jasmine, appeals to your eccentric side, and the purple bottle resembles your birthstone.
Mugler -,,,00.html

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