Friday, February 1, 2013

10 Things to Do in February

Happy February, everyone! We had a lot of fun compiling our list of things to do in February (and we've actually managed to post it on the first and not the last day of the month for a change ;-) We hope you enjoy!

1. Welcome Spring

In Ireland, the 1st of February (St Brigid's Day) is considered the first day of Spring. While it may seem a bit premature to some, we are all for welcoming the new season as early as possible, and what better way to do so than buying a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten up your living space?

2. Watch the Super Bowl

Ok, ok - this is something we felt obliged to include, as we realise that the Super Bowl is Kind Of A Big Deal for some people. But to be honest, we don't even know who's playing, and to be really honest, we don't care. What we will be doing, however, is keeping a beady eye on Beyonce's performance during the Halftime Show, on the look-out for any potential lip-syncing.

3. Celebrate Chinese New Year

Sunday, the 10th of February ushers in the Chinese Year of the Snake. If, like Ali, you were born in a Snake Year (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001), then an extra special Gung Hay Fat Choy to you! (Sorry for that butchering of your language, any Cantonese speakers out there!)

4. Indulge in a Pancake Feast on Shrove Tuesday

This year, Pancake Day aka Shrove Tuesday, falls on the 12th. Whip up a batch of the ultimate comfort food and serve with as many decadent toppings as you please, especially if you'll be partaking in #5 on our list.

5. Give Up Something For Lent

While Lent, the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, is observed by Christians as a time of abstaining from vices, you don't have to be religious to give something up in the time leading up to Easter. It'll make that chocolate binge all the sweeter if you've been deprived for over a month! (Although you're technically allowed "dispensations" on Sundays and feast days, ie. Valentine's Day, Paddy's Day, least in our books you are ;-)

6. Celebrate Valentine's Day

Whether you're loved-up or single, celebrate the day of love as you see fit, whether that involves a romantic candle-lit dinner or bingeing on heart-shaped chocolates. And no, we don't care if it's a cheesy, commercialised Hallmark Holiday. We like Hallmark Holidays. 

7. Partake in Random Acts of Kindness Day 
50 Random Acts of Kindness

Sunday the 17th is the official Random Acts of Kindness day, though, obviously, every day should be one, right?! The url under the picture is a link to a fantastic list of 50 ideas for simple acts of kindness - definitely worth checking out.

8. Celebrate Family Day

Even though Family Day is officially a Canadian thing (taking place on the third Monday in February), there's no reason why you can't enjoy some time with your family wherever you are in the world. Whether you see a movie together, go for dinner, or simply have a Skype session, it's nice to spend time with your folks (even if they're as dysfunctional as the Griffin family). 

9. Watch the Oscars

Sunday the 24th is the 85th Annual Academy Awards, and, of course, our eyes will be glued to the screen. While we don't have any favourites we'd like to see win (of the movies nominated for Best Picture, we've only seen Les Misérables, which none of us particularly enjoyed), we're still looking forward to an evening of Hollywood glamour.

10. Have a Home Spa Day

Run the bath, light the candles, dig out the body lotions and face masks...this is the perfect time of year to indulge in a relaxing few hours of pampering in the comfort of your own home.

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