Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Each new fashion season, I love seeing what new trends are surfacing--I take note of which I'd like to try...and which I plan on steering well clear of. Here are my thoughts on ten of the most popular Spring/Summer 2014 trends... Which would you wear? And which would you not be caught dead in?! 

Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

1. Midi Skirts
Because I'm tall, shopping for skirts has always been a somewhat sad experience for me. When it comes to shorter skirts, something that would look respectable on someone else looks downright indecent on me, so you can imagine my delight when longer lengths started becoming a thing. If you feel like the classic midi is a bit too frumpy for your tastes, look for one with sheer panelling for a 2014 twist on this '50s style.
Lavish Alice midi skirt -

2. Crop Tops
My waist is one of my favourite features, so I'm a big fan of this subtle way of showing some skin. Unlike the belly-baring styles of the early noughties, the 2014 crop top is a more demure affair, best worn with something high-waisted so that only a sliver of skin peeks through.
Preen short sleeve shirt

3. D'Orsay Flats
So pretty! So dainty! So chic! I just love this feminine flat, which would look great with either boyfriend jeans or a midi skirt. Those with thicker ankles should stick to a thin strap, while skinnier ankles can take a chunkier one.
Gianvito Rossi white shoes -

4. Kimonos
Kimonos, to me, are the epitome of laid-back luxe: sophisticated, but comfy enough for lounging around the house in. And they flatter every body shape! Toss one over cut-offs and a simple tank to add a dose of bohemian glamour to your look. 
Monsoon swim cover up -

5. Sharp Pleats
I love the look of a crisply pleated skirt--either dressed down with an oversized sweatshirt, or up with a delicate blouse tucked in. Those with narrower hips can get away with more flimsy, chiffony materials, but hippier girls should consider a heavier fabric for a more flattering look.
J W Anderson mini skirt -

6. Culottes
Um, no. Just no. What the midi is to skirts, culottes are to pants, but this is one trend I just can't get behind. While there are many styles that I wouldn't wear but like on others, I have yet to see anyone rock a pair of culottes. I actually like palazzo pants, their longer-length sibling, but I think this calf-length style is very hard to pull off. 
Charlie Brear clothing -

7. Ugly Sandals
Honestly, I'm just not cool enough for man-repelling fashion in general, and the whole ugly sandal trend is no exception. It actually seems like a fun kind of trend to partake in (I think I'd kind of enjoy shopping around for the absolute ugliest pair I could find), but I don't think I'd actually bite the bullet and wear them. 
Steve Madden sandals -

8. Sleeveless Blazers
This style can look very sleek and sharp, and would be perfect for warmer weather...but personally, I'm not a fan. What can I say? I just like my blazers with sleeves. 
Ted Baker blazer -

9. Mules
Gross-sounding name, creepy-looking shoe (in my humble opinion). But one girl's shoe pariah is another girl's treasure, right?! In their defence, they do seem relatively comfy as far as heels go...and they'd be easy to wear with any style of trouser (just maybe not #6 ;-). 
Pour La Victoire shoes -

10. Overalls
Once upon a time, I was actually a fan of this farm-friendly look (I have fond memories of an orange, knee-length pair I had circa 1998). These days, however, it's not a look I'm in any hurry to revisit; while I've seen overalls look super cool on flat-chested, narrow-hipped girls, they wouldn't look so great on my figure.
Citizens of Humanity bib overall -


  1. Love these pics :) they are all things I would wear. Especially those pumps. I've been after a pair but never seem to find the right fit.

    Anyway, great post & blog :) I'm now following you!

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  2. This is so wonderful selection. Midi skirts is so feminine and already I have few in my wardrobe. Would like to try on overalls in shop, but I'm already sure I can't pull it off. ugly sandals. hmmm... not sure. tried them on in shop, but wasn't convinced that I need them in my life. I love blazers and I wouldn't say no to sleeveless as well. Kimonos I would like to try on as well.

    xoxo Ra