Friday, October 31, 2014

Lipstick of the Week: MAC Heroine

Happy Halloween from me and my fake fringe, guys! In honour of the day, I thought I'd share the, uh, scariest lipstick I own: MAC's Heroine. It's a very purple purple, and let's just say that it isn't exactly one of my go-tos (I love it, but it's pretty intense). I have to be in the right (read: brave) mindset to wear it, but when I do, I'm always glad that I did -- it's more fun than berry, more unexpected than pink, and it definitely livens up an otherwise drab outfit. 


  1. I love that color on you, and the bangs look great!

  2. Seriously stunning! Loving the bangs and that color of lipstick. And your lashes - they really pop!

    xx Larisa @

  3. It doesn't matter...., every lip color looks good on you!

    From Jing at