Monday, November 3, 2014

Colours For Your Complexion: Autumn

Over the past few weeks, we've shared some of the most flattering colours for those with Winter and Summer complexions -- now it's your turn, Autumns! Those whose colouring falls under this category have warm as opposed to cool undertones (think golden/peach rather than pink/blue), and a low level of contrast between hair and skin. 

You're probably an Autumn if you can identify with most of these characteristics:

Skin: Peach, olive, golden brown. Even if your skin is on the lighter side, you tend to tan easily and rarely burn.
Hair: Naturally, hair can be anything from strawberry blonde to chestnut brown to black.
Eyes: Generally, Autumns tend to have eyes on the darker side -- brown, black, or a soft, muted green or hazel.

You Look Best In: The rich, warm colours typically associated with the season autumn. Soft earth tones also look great on you. 
You Can Look Washed-Out In: Bright, vivid colours with cool undertones, and some pastels. 

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Best Colours For Autumns
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Next week is your turn, Springs! 

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