Friday, December 5, 2014

Lipstick of the Week: MAC Ruby Woo

You've probably heard of this week's lipstick, Ruby Woo -- it's definitely a cult classic, and it's not hard to see why. It's just such a classic red red that looks good on every skin colour (though it's especially great for those with cool undertones, as it's a very blue-based red). 

Ruby Woo is definitely one of my all-time favourite lipsticks now, but it wasn't always that way... When I first started wearing it, I didn't realize that you need to wear some sort of primer underneath, so after a few hours, I'd be left with really flaky, chalky lips. Thankfully, I know better now, and always apply a thin layer of clear balm underneath (any basic chapstick will do as long as it's untinted).

And as for what to wear it with? Well, pretty much everything, but I especially love it with light, sugary shades -- mint, powder blue, blush. If you don't already have Ruby Woo in your lipstick arsenal, I highly recommend you get it -- ask Santa! (It's also a fantastic present to give to someone, if you're looking for ideas). 


  1. This is such a nice colour!


  2. You look beautiful,I love the color of your lipstick ♥

  3. Beautiful colour on you Ali. I love the green and the lipstick ensemble.