Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Claudia Louise Susan Sunniva!!!!!

For those of you who don't know, there's actually a third sister in the equation - her name is Claudia, and she's 18 today!!! Or actually, it may have been yesterday...seeing as she's in New Zealand right now. We hope she's having/has had an absolute blast, and we are counting down the days (25) til she's back home again so we can celebrate in style. And we're really looking forward to her joining us at Ali & Vic! She's super stylish, pretty, smart, funny, kind, and cool, so you're gonna love her presence on the blog. But we will need a new suggestions are most welcome :-)

In honour of Claud's 18th birthday, here are 18 pics featuring the princess herself. Enjoy!

{Baby Coya - such a little angel!}

{She even helps with dishes!}

{And she loves her sisters...}

{...except maybe not here}

{She's good at being a rockstar with the cousins in Ireland...}

{...and she's great at being a triplet}

{She loves Christmas...}

{...and she's very kind to dogs}

{Even when life gets rough...}

{...she can always turn on that smile!}

{She's proud of her Albertan roots...}

{...and her Irish ones, too}

{She's the best person to go for coffee with...}

{...and she's glamorous as hell}

{She always looks fab at grads, be it Vicky's...}

{...or her own}

{And she knows how to rock a white dress - whether at her Holy Communion in 2002...}

{...or her grad, 10 years later}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAUDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you.

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