Monday, October 1, 2012

Star Style: Scorpio

The spotlight is on you now, Scorpio! You guys are a powerful, magnetic bunch with a distinctively edgy style. As we always say though, it's possible that you have other things going on in your chart which may influence your personality...check out and key in your date of birth details to get a more accurate reading. You may find you have more in common with either Libra (which comes before Scorpio) or Sagittarius (which comes after). But if you are indeed a true Scorpio, read on and enjoy our style picks for you!

File:Scorpio2.jpgSCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)
Symbol: The Scorpion
Element: Water
Colour: Black, burgundy
Gem: Topaz, bloodstone
Flower: Chrysanthemum, narcissus
Traits: Passionate, loyal, determined, observant, and emotional, but can be too intense, possessive, and secretive.
Your Style: You favour dark, sleek, edgy clothes over anything too bright and girly. 

{Anne Hathaway}                         {Katy Perry}                           {Rachel McAdams}

{Emma Stone}                              {Alexa Chung}                          {Julia Roberts}

{Demi Moore}                          {Meg Ryan}                           {Winona Ryder}

{Maggie Gyllenhaal}                             {Ivanka Trump}                       {Vanessa Minnillo}



1. Leather Jacket: Consider the leather jacket the archetypal item of clothing for Scorpios! It's a classic staple that provides instant toughening-up to whatever outfit you throw it over.
Ted Baker leather jacket -

2. Skull-Print Scarf: Scorpios are often drawn to items with a touch of the macabre, such as a skull-patterned scarf like the classic McQueen one.
Alexander mcqueen scarve -

3. Berry Lipstick: Lipstick in a warm berry hue is perfect for this time of year.
LancĂ´me -

4. Topaz Jewellery: Look for interesting pieces of jewellery featuring your lucky stone, like this chunky rust-coloured bangle inlaid with smoky topaz.
Miriam Salat ribbon jewelry -

5. Leather Trousers: Few people have either the guts or the cool-factor necessary to pulling off a pair of skintight leather leggings, but you Scorpios luckily have both.
Helmut Lang leather legging -

6. Dark Sunglasses: Scorpios can be mysterious beings and love the secrecy of hiding behind a chic pair of sunglasses. 
Ray Ban ray ban optical -

7. Studded Leather Tote: A sleek black leather tote with a touch of studs is the perfect accompaniment to wherever your day takes you.
Valentino studded handbag -

8. Over-the-Knee Boots: If you're a true Scorpio, the majority of your wardrobe will consist of dark clothes, making a pair of black over-the-knee boots the perfect addition to your outfits.
Marc by Marc Jacobs tall boots -

9. Midnight Poison Perfume: This sensuous scent, with notes of rose, patchouli, and amber, is an ideal Scorpio perfume.
Fragrance -

10. Burgundy Lace Dress: A subtly dramatic dress like this burgundy lace one would make for a unique choice in a sea of LBDs.
Dolce Gabbana three quarter sleeve dress -

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