Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thursday Travels: Rome

Yes, yes, we know it's Sunday and we're posting a Thursday Travels instalment...but as noted in Five Laughs, it's been a hectic week and we're a bit behind! Sorry. This week's post is on Rome, which we unanimously loved. (Vicky loves it more than Paris, but Ali's on the fence - they both have such charm). What Rome has going for it is a better climate; although the sky looks a bit overcast in our pictures, the two days we were there were beautifully warm. This was really appreciated in the evenings, which were balmy enough to make strolling around and eating outside after sunset so enjoyable. And the sunset on our first night was gorgeous! Again, our pictures don't do it justice, but the city was bathed in this rich golden light that illuminated the ruins as the day came to a close. Così bella!

{Sunset ruins}

{More ruins}

{The Pantheon - ancient Roman temple to the gods}

{Alternate view, featuring Becky!}

{Dining al fresco}

{Spanish Steps}
{Sun-dappled Colosseum}

{Roman post office - so confusing & time-wasting! All we wanted to do was send a postcard, but to do so we had to take a ticket and wait...and wait....}

{There was nothing for it but to take pictures and pretend we were having a grand old time}

{All that waiting earned us a much-needed lunch break}

{And then it was time to officially leave Italy for a bit and hit up Vatican City!}

{Ciao, Roma! We wish to come back and visit real soon :-)} 

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