Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Colours For Your Complexion: Spring

It's time for the last instalment in our Colours For Your Complexion series! Today, we're featuring the most flattering shades for all you Spring ladies out there. Like their autumnal sisters, women with Spring complexions have warm as opposed to cool undertones -- think golden/olive as opposed to pink/blue. The main difference, however, is that Springs tend to have lighter hair and eyes, while Autumns are usually dark-eyed brunettes.

You're probably a Spring if you can identify with most of these characteristics:

Skin: Anything from creamy ivory to deep olive.
Hair: Typically blonde or red, but even if it's dark, will tend to have golden/reddish highlights.
Eyes: Tend to be clear and bright -- blue, green, grey, or a "bright" hazel.

You Look Best In: Light, warm-toned colours.

You Can Look Washed-Out In: Dark shades, and some bright, cool-toned hues.

Untitled #51

Best Colours For Springs
Untitled #52

And that wraps up this series! What season do you fall under?! For a recap of the other three seasons -- Winter, Summer, and Autumn -- see here.


  1. Cool, I want to figure out mu skin tone

  2. This is always good to know. For me I have a hard time sometimes, because the colors I really want to wear don't work well on me at all!

  3. I like women with green dress. I guess it suits them well.

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