Monday, November 24, 2014

Five Favourite Shops: Pricy (But Amazing)

Over the past few weeks, I've shared my five favourite budget-friendly stores; five pricier/mid-range favourites that have great sales; and my five favourite shops from the UK and Ireland. (You can check out those posts here). Today, I thought I'd share, in no particular order, five of my favourite pricy favourites -- the kind of places that I could go crazy in if money were no object. 

1. Anthropologie
Vicky and Claudia aren't the biggest fans of Anthro (they think it's pretentious), but I love it. Love, love, love it. They really know how to suck me in with their dreamy, ethereal catalogues and their impeccably boho-chic store design. The few pieces I own from here were all bought on sale (because no matter how beautiful something from Anthropologie is, I don't have the budget to justify buying it full price), but let's be honest: the full price stuff is just so much more alluring. 

2. Kate Spade
Ah, Kate Spade just knows me. She knows what I love: bright colours, bows, polka dots, pretty stationery, the odd bit of glitter... Definitely pricy, but pure preppy, girly heaven. Their outlet stores are fantastic -- at the one in Vegas I was able to score this beautiful lemon-yellow handbag at a quarter of the original price. 

3. Club Monaco
If I had to describe this Toronto-born chain in one word, it would be "sophisticated." Normally, I'm big into colour and pattern, but there is something so refreshing about stepping into the peaceful, immaculately appointed haven of a Club Monaco store, with its crisp, understated-chic pieces in muted tones. Also: I love that every item has a name! (I was totally nearly tempted to buy a skirt once because it was "called" Ali).

4. Ted Baker
This British brand strikes the perfect balance between feminine and cool, and their pieces are just so beautiful -- great colours, fabulous prints, lovely detailing. But when you do the conversions...eeeee they're so expensive! Sigh. 

I'm big into dresses, and BCBG gives great (albeit $$) dress. I recently browsed the summery dresses they had on sale, and was overcome with an intense craving for warm weather (and this is coming from someone who is typically in her element in November). Damn, those dresses are magical. 


  1. Great choices! Ted baker is awesome!


  2. I'm a fan of all of these! I love Anthropologie for unique finds, BCBG for dresses and Kate Spade for accessories!