Friday, August 17, 2012

10 Things to Do in August

Even though we're more than halfway through August, there's still plenty of time to squeeze in a few more summery adventures before autumn arrives. We've compiled a list of ten things to do while the days are still long and sunny and the livin' is easy.

1. Go to the Beach

Take Nicki Minaj up on her suggestion and get yourself down to your nearest beach. Whether it's by the sea, a lake, or river, there's sure to be some sort of sandy option nearby where you can frolic and bathe to your heart's content.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town 

Make like a tourist for a day and check out all the attractions your town has to offer. Be sure to take lots of photos!

3. Read a Good Book

There's nothing so enjoyable as relaxing for an hour or two with a really good book. Bonus points if you read outside.

4. Go for Ice Cream

Obviously, ice cream is amazing year-round but it tastes even better in summer.

5. Have a Barbecue 

The smoky smell of meat sizzling on the barbecue has to be one of summer's top olfactory experiences. Gather your friends and family round on a balmy evening and fire up the grill!

6. Go to an Amusement Park

Whether it's Disneyland itself or your local fun fair, hit up an amusement park for some wholesome fun. Ride the rollercoasters, eat the candy floss and try your hand at winning a massive teddy bear.

7. Feast on Fresh Fruit 

Berries are still in season, but not for much longer, so make sure you gorge yourself on as much locally-grown produce as possible. Take it one step further by going fruit-picking yourself.

8. Have a Picnic 

Buy the finest delicacies your budget will allow (cheese, baguettes, grapes, wine, etc.), pack the lot in a picnic basket and take to a scenic locale of your choice.

9. Get Out On the Water

Whether it's on a barge, tube, sailboat or dinghy (or luxury yacht for the truly blessed), get yourself out on the water at least once while summer's still here.

10. Go Back-to-School Shopping

One of our favourite things about heading back to school (if not the only thing) was back-to-school shopping. The thrill of buying fresh new notebooks, pencils and markers was such an absolute joy. Even if you're finished with school and uni, still drop by your local stationery shop to purchase a few new office supplies. 


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