Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fergalicious Louboutins

While I am no great fan of Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas, I have to grudgingly admit that she makes a damn comfortable heel. I purchased a pair of Fergalicious brand shoes for $39.99 at Winners the other day, and have been pleasantly surprised at their wearability. Their only fault, however, is that they're slightly bland to look at, and that's where Rosso Solini comes in!

Rosso Solini, a company that specialises in colourful stick-on soles, was started in 2010 by Irish teen Tara Haughton. They are currently only stocked in Ireland, but ship worldwide. We happened to have a pack of the red ones lying around in the house, and I felt that my new heels would be the perfect candidate to test them out. I simply applied a sticker to each sole, trimmed off the excess with a craft knife, et voila! My very own pair of shoes with that covetable flash of red sole! Until such time as I can fork out a cool $695 for the real deal (um, never!) I am pretty content with my Loubou-scams. 

DIY Louboutins

DIY Louboutins

DIY Louboutins

Pink silk blouse - Jacob
Black lace skirt - Jacob
Black heels - Fergalicious, with a little help from Rosso Solini
Silver heart locket - Tales From the Earth (gift from my godmother)
Lipstick - "Love It" by Lancome 

Rosso Solini website:

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