Monday, August 27, 2012

Star Style: Gemini

Hey there, Geminis! This Monday is all about you in our third instalment of the Star Style series. As we've mentioned in the Aries and Taurus posts, you should check out what else your chart holds in order to get a more accurate description of your personality (just type your date of birth into You may find that you have more in common with the signs that come before or after Gemini (which would be Taurus and Cancer). And, you should also bear in mind that Geminis tend to have split personalities - for the most part you are vivacious and extroverted, but you do have a quiet, more reflective side, too. 

GEMINI (21st May - 20th June)
Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Colour: Yellow
Gem: Pearl, agate, citrine
Flower: Lily of the Valley, iris, lavender
Traits: Bubbly, quick-witted, eloquent, versatile and inquisitive, but can be superficial, restless and manipulative.
Your Style: You tend to go for bright colours and busy prints; you get bored easily so your wardrobe is constantly changing!

                        FAMOUS GEMINIS

{Natalie Portman}                           {Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen}                      {Angelina Jolie}

    {Nicole Kidman}                                        {Kylie Minogue}                  {Carey Mulligan}

                     {Lucy Hale}                                      {Heidi Klum}                                 {Adriana Lima}

             {Maria Menounos}                                {Zoe Saldana}                                    {Elizabeth Hurley}       



1. Colourful Playsuit: A cheerful playsuit like this is a versatile addition to your wardrobe, as it can be worn with bare legs in summer and tights when the weather starts to cool. 

2. Pearl Necklace: Pearls are lucky for you but a traditional strand may be too conservative for your taste; the chains on this one give it a bit of edge.
Gabriele Frantzen tahitian pearl jewelry -

3. Yellow Blazer: A lemony blazer will pull together practically any outfit, and inject it with a dose of happy.
Boyfriend jacket -

4. Graphic Print Leggings: When it comes to prints, the busier the better is your motto. Pair leggings like these with a big, slouchy jumper and ankle boots for a cosy autumn outfit.
Tribal pants -

5. Bright Nail Polish: Draw attention to your (Gemini-ruled) hands with eye-catching nailpolish in unexpected colours. 
Essie nail polish -

6. Yellow Ballet Flats: You're always on the go, so comfy shoes are a must (as long as they're cheerful and cute like these ones).
L K Bennett ballerina flat -

7. Petite Cherie Perfume: You tend to go for fresh scents that are fruity as opposed to floral, so this gorgeous scent (with notes of peach and freshly cut grass) would be perfect for you.
Annick Goutal fragrance -

8. Polka Dot Bag: Practical, chic, yet totally exuberant, this bag ticks all the boxes.
Cotton tote bag -

9. Stackable Rings: These rings can be adjusted according to your mood; wear one or two when you're feeling a minimalist vibe, or the whole lot if you're more bold.
Pave jewelry -

10. Interesting Phone Case: You are the communicator of the zodiac, and, as such, you are permanently glued to your phone. So you might as well make sure it's well-dressed in a hyperactive graphic-print case like this one.
Tech accessory -

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