Monday, August 20, 2012

Star Style: Taurus

Hello, all you Taureans out there! Today we'll be focusing on your Star Style :-) As was mentioned last week with the Aries post, it's important that you check out your full astrological chart to really see what you've got going may have some planets in other signs which could make you seem less of a typical Taurus. Type in your date of birth at and see what your full chart is like. Often people find they may relate to the signs that come before or after their own one (which is Aries and Gemini in your case). However, if you feel like you're a typical Taurus, read on and enjoy our style picks for you!

Taurus, the Bull
TAURUS (21st April - 20th May) 
Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Colour: Soft shades of pink and blue
Gem: Emerald
Flower: Rose, daisy, tulip
Traits: Loyal, patient, persistent, reliable and practical, but can be stubborn, materialistic and possessive.
Your Style: You love expensive, good quality clothes and go for soft colours and beautiful textures.


                 {Adele}                                                     {Jessica Alba}                                       {Penelope Cruz}
                     {Kirsten Dunst}                                              {Cate Blanchett}                                    {Megan Fox}

        {Christina Hendricks}                                     {Renee Zellweger}                                            {Tina Fey}

                         {Lily Allen}                                                 {Kelly Clarkson}                            {Audrina Patridge}



1. Pink Dress: Taurus rules the neck, and the pretty scalloped neckline of this dress (which is in one of your lucky colours) draws attention to that zone. 
Scalloped Etiquette Dress -

2. Collared Jumper: Look for items with an interesting collar, like the chic embellished one on this powder blue jumper.
Miu Miu embellished top -

3. Chloe Perfume: A feminine perfume with notes of rose, pink peony and honey.
ChloĆ© fragrance -

4. Pretty Apron: If you're a true Taurean you love to cook and bake, so you might as well look cute in the kitchen in a sweet retro apron.
Retro Cherries Apron -

5. Structured Handbag: Your ideal bag is sturdy yet chic, and in a soft neutral with a touch of metal hardware to toughen it up.
Loeffler Randall cross body shoulder bag -

6. Blush: Get that fresh-faced, outdoorsy glow with some beautifully packaged rosy blush.
Paul Joe blush

7. Emerald Necklace: This emerald wonder is the ultimate statement necklace. It would only set you back a few grand, but a girl can dream, right?!
Antique diamond necklace -

8. Cowgirl Boots: Get your western on with a pair of beautifully embroidered cowgirl boots. 
Low boots -

9. Luxurious Scarf: Whether you opt for cashmere or silk, invest in a top quality scarf in one of your lucky colours; you'll get so much wear out of it!
Valentino scarve -

10. Floral Jeans: These pretty, rose-patterned jeans would look fab paired with a cosy, over-sized jumper.
Current/Elliott denim skinny jeans -


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