Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Lipsticks Every Girl Should Own

Admittedly, not everyone is big into lipstick, but in our books it is the quickest way of brightening your face on days when you don't have too much time to put on make-up. Even if your hair is looking rat's nest-esque and your clothes could do with a good ironing, a slick of lipstick can do wonders in giving you a semblance of put-togetherness.

There are really only five basic lipsticks you need in your arsenal of beauty products, and with these you can create any number of looks based on whatever the occasion calls for. 

(For some of my personal favourites, be sure to check out my lipstick of the week series here).

1. Red
Red lipstick is a sophisticated classic that can, contrary to popular belief, be worn during the day (as long as you keep your eye make-up minimal). It looks especially chic worn with khaki, chambray and breton stripes. 

For Fair skin: "Fire and Ice" by Revlon
Tanned/Olive skin: "Jungle Red" by NARS
Dark skin: "Russian Red" by MAC

2. Pink
Pink-hued lipstick is always girly and playful, but it can be as subtle or loud as you want, depending on whether you veer towards pastel or neon. And, unlike with red lipstick, you can get away with a more dramatically done eye.

For Fair skin: "Saint Germain" by MAC
Tanned/Olive skin: "Pink Nouveau" by MAC
Dark skin: "Fuchsia" (ColourBurst) by Revlon 

3. Nude
Whether you're going for a glowing, "natural" look, or simply want to balance out an intensely smoky eye, there's always a reason to have a good nude-coloured lipstick in your make-up collection.

For Fair skin: "Honolulu Honey" by NARS
Tanned/Olive skin: Kate Moss #14 by Rimmel
Dark skin: "Cafe Chic" by Estee Lauder

4. Coral
Neither pink nor orange, coral lipstick is a warm, exuberant choice that can be worn year-round but works best in spring and summer. It's the perfect complement to the bright colours and loud prints of these seasons, but can also look fab with a simple black dress.

For Fair skin: "So Chaud" by MAC
Tanned/Olive skin: "Coral Lustre" by Maybelline
Dark skin: "Lady Danger" by MAC

5. Berry
This rich, somewhat intense choice really comes into its own in autumn and winter, worn with deep jewel-tones like mustard, teal and midnight blue and heavier textures like velvet and wool. As with red lipstick, avoid pairing it with heavily made-up eyes so that you don't stray into vamp territory. 

For Fair skin: "Berry Queen" by Rimmel
Tanned/Olive skin: "Hot Tahiti" by MAC
Dark skin: "Berry Rich" by Revlon


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