Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Treat: Nutella Hot Chocolate

The evenings have gotten really cold of late, making it the perfect excuse to indulge in a mug of comforting hot chocolate. Here's our simple recipe for Nutella Hot Chocolate; hope you enjoy!

You will need only three ingredients, including these:

And of course this:

{Please excuse the grubbiness of our tub of Nutella...}

Heat the milk on the stove while stirring in a few generous dollops of Nutella. Stir stir stir until the chocolate is all dissolved! Keep testing until the mixture is hot enough for your liking  (and sweet enough - you may have to add a bit more Nutella). 

Then pour the yummy goodness into a mug and garnish with a generous topping of whipped cream. Enjoy!

{Nutella Hot Chocolate, photobombed by Lulu ;-)}

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