Monday, September 17, 2012

Star Style: Virgo

Hey Virgos! Not only is the sun in your sign at the moment, but it's also time for the Virgo edition of Star Style. As we always say, it's a good idea to have a look at the other planets in your chart (which you can do by typing your date of birth here ). Virgo comes after Leo and before Libra, so you may find you have more in common with one of these signs. But if you are a detail-oriented, hardworking, thoughtful perfectionist, you are a true Virgo, and we hope you enjoy this post!

File:Virgo2.jpgVIRGO (22nd August - 22nd September)
Symbol: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Colour: Navy blue, green, dark brown, cream
Gem: Sapphire, sardonyx
Flower: Lavender, poppy, morning glory, chrysanthemum 
Traits: Meticulous, diligent, reliable, kind-hearted and intelligent, but can be overly critical, cautious, and worry too much. 
Your Style: You are chic and stylish in a very classic, understated way. You don't like anything too loud or showy, instead opting for feminine pieces in subdued colours. 

         {Beyonce Knowles}                                  {Blake Lively}                                {Nicole Richie}                                                         

{Cameron Diaz}                                     {Rachel Bilson}                               {Michelle Williams}

{Salma Hayek}                                      {Emmy Rossum}                        {Shania Twain}

{Claudia Schiffer}                                  {Lea Michele}                                 {Florence Welch}



1. Navy Coat: A classic coat in one of Virgo's lucky colours is both practical and eternally stylish.
Warehouse -

2. White Jeans: You are one of the few signs that can pull off white jeans simply because you're so neat and tidy; you rarely spill things on your clothes and always look immaculate! 
Mango skinny jeans -

3. Boat Neck Dress: A dress like this is both classy and cute; dress it up with a statement necklace or wear it plain as a statement in its own right. 
Orla kiely -

4. Sapphire Bangles: Sapphire is your lucky gem, but chances are you don't want to flaunt it with a big, garish ring...take a more subtle approach by mixing sapphire (faux or real) bangles with other metallics. 
Chamak by Priya Kakkar handcrafted jewelry -

5. Leather Doctor Bag: A bag in a neutral colour (and ideally with a stylishly prim "doctor" handle) is perfect for practical yet chic Virgos. 
Dooney bourke -

6. Lace Pencil Skirt: You love "office-wear" and probably already own several pencil skirts. Lace adds a bit of interest to this classic look.
Prabal Gurung pencil skirt -

7. Liquid Eyeliner: You are definitely the most meticulous sign of the zodiac, and as such, have the patience and eye for detail necessary to creating the perfect winged eyeliner look. 
Illamasqua -

8. Coco Mademoiselle Perfume: This perfume, with its combination of citrus and floral notes, is feminine without being cloying. 
Chanel perfume -

9. Oxfords/Brogues: This style of shoe is so Virgo, in that it's both practical and chic. 
Oxford shoes -

10. Snood: Keep cosy in a chunky, knitted snood of a neutral hue. 
Cable Snood -


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