Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Subdued Sparkle

Mixing greys and blacks is one of the simplest ways of throwing an outfit together when you're in a rush. Just have a rummage through your closet and layer clothes of varying textures in these tones for an understated, work-appropriate look. To keep it from looking too sedate, pair with a strong lip colour, silver jewellery, and jewel-embellished ballet flats. 

Black top - Twelve by Twelve at Forever 21 (via sister Claudia ;-)
Grey skirt - Gap
Grey tights - Gap
Ballet flats - Next
Silver ring - Suzy Shier
Silver bracelet - gift from India from my godfather
Lipstick - "Desert Rose" by Elizabeth Arden

*The out-takes from this little photo shoot are totally mortifying, by the way. I am terrible at posing for the camera. When I tried to smile without teeth I ended up having this creepy little smirk reminiscent of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, but when I smiled with teeth, I somehow chanelled the Obsessive Girlfriend Meme. Not the best of looks.

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