Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blinded by the Bright

This dress doesn't elicit many compliments (actually, it's the opposite: anyone who comments on it says something to the effect that it's blinding them), but to be honest, I'm willing to overlook the retinal damage of passersby for the sheer fun of wearing it. I'd had my eye on this little neon number since it first hit stores a few months ago, and snatched one up when it went on sale not too long afterwards (I've noticed that new stuff at J. Crew ends up in the sale section pretty swiftly, and at really substantial mark-downs, too). It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but lace is my thing (seriously, like 80% of my wardrobe has some kind of lace touch), and I love fluorescents, so it was a no-brainer. 

Dress - J. Crew
Shoes - Steve Madden
Clip-on earrings - Aldo
Lipstick - Schiap, NARS

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