Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Style for Your Shape: Hourglass

Today we're talking all things Hourglass for the second instalment of our Style for Your Shape series. The rarest of the five body shapes, this became apparent when searching for hourglass celebrities (which is why we've only got 5 examples for you). If you're unsure which of the five shapes you fall under--Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Pear, or Ruler--this quiz may be helpful. As we mentioned in the previous post, this series is not so much about size as it is about shape: no matter how much weight you gain or lose, your body shape tends to stay the same, and the same general rules for dressing apply.

Hourglass women typically:

  • carry their weight evenly on the top and bottom (bust and hips are roughly the same size)
  • have a small, defined waist and fuller bust and hips
  • their waist and upper abdomen is the last place they gain weight/first place they lose it

Here are some hourglass-shaped celebrities:

Hourglass Celebs

When it comes to picking flattering styles for your shape, you want to show off your curves while still looking elegant. While the hourglass is often viewed as the "ideal" shape that other shapes try to work towards, it can be tough to strike the right balance: when clothes are too tight and revealing you run the risk of looking cheap, while tent-like tops can make you look matronly. 

In general, here are some styles to avoid:
  • high, buttoned-up necklines or turtle/polo necks
  • button-down shirts in heavy materials (can result in that dreaded gaping look)
  • big, bulky clothes that hide your waist
  • dresses/tops with flimsy straps

Hourglass Shape Essentials

Hourglass Essentials

1. A Belted Coat
Look for coats that cinch you in at the waist with a belt, and avoid excessive buttons, pockets, and zips around the bust. 
French Connection black coat usa.frenchconnection.com

2. A Crew Neck Sweater
When it comes to sweaters, you want something that's not too clingy, but not too bulky either. A crew neck is one of your most flattering necklines.

3. A Flared Skirt
A flared skirt will emphasize your waist and skim over your hips in the most flattering way.

4. Tie-Waist Shorts
Those teeny-tiny cutoffs are not only unsophisticated--they're also very unforgiving if you've got hips. A loose, tie-waist pair is a far chicer, more flattering option. 
Tie waist shorts - maurices.com

5. A Belt 
A belt can be an hourglass girl's best friend--cinching you in and showing off that tiny waist. Just beware of proportion: a very thick belt can be unflattering if you're busty.
Mulberry woven belt mulberry.com

6. A Scoop Neck Tee
A scoop neck is very flattering on bustier girls; high necklines can look frumpy.
Scoop neck tank top maurices.com

7. A Fit-and-Flare Dress
This style of dress enhances your figure in the best possible way: it nips you in at the waist and glides over hips.

8. A Halter Neck Bikini
As any busty girl will know, shopping for a supportive bikini top is tough! Look for ones that come in your bra size, and as a rule of thumb, a halter neck is the most flattering style for larger busts.
Ganni black halter bikini - youheshe.com

9. Slimming Jeans
A classic pair in a dark wash with strategic fading around the thighs is your best look. 
Levi's skinny jeans - zalando.co.uk

10. A Flattering Shirt
Avoid shirts with pockets and buttoned up collars, and opt for something loose with a v-neck.
Mango stripe long sleeve shirt mango.com

That's a wrap, Hourglasses! We hope you found these suggestions helpful. 

Up next Tuesday: the Inverted Triangle!

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