Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lipstick of the Week: MAC Morange

Everyone has their make-up product obsession: for some it's eyeliner, others mascara...for me, it's definitely lipstick. Because I’m pale (and my lips are naturally a drab mauve-ish colour), I find I need some form of lip colour to brighten my face and keep me from looking washed-out. From hot pinks to classic reds and chalky pastels to vampy berries, I love experimenting with different shades, and I’ve amassed a fairly substantial collection over the years. For this new series, I’ll be sharing a favourite lipstick of my mine each week…from new discoveries to old go-tos. Hope you enjoy! 

Lipstick Essentials

Some people are extremely meticulous when applying lipstick—carefully outlining with lipliner, then applying a coat, then blotting, then applying again, etc, etc. I am not one of those people. Ain't nobody got time for that! Most of the time, I apply it straight from the tube, but there are three little necessities that I always have on hand:

  • Q-Tips/cotton swabs: You know how you’re supposed to swirl your finger your mouth around to remove excess lipstick (so that it doesn’t get on your teeth)? Well, instead of my finger, I use a Q-Tip (much less messy), and then I use the ends to touch up the edges.
  • Blotting paper: In general, I prefer a more matte look, so I use these to mop up any excess shine (and of course, they can do double duty on the rest of your face, too).
  • Non-tinted lip balm Lipstick can be drying, so I’ll sometimes apply a layer of lip balm on first.
This week's lipstick: MAC Morange

The orange lip has been one of the most talked-about beauty trends of the season, and it was one I wanted in on. So summery, so '70s (I love the '70s, so that's a good thing in my books), so J. Crew catalogue...I needed to try it out. I'd had my eye on MAC's Morange for quite some time, so eventually bit the (lipstick) bullet and bought it. I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty intimidating-looking colour at first glance, and can have a neon-like appearance in some lights. But once applied, it's thankfully not garish, although it is bright! If you're looking for a more subdued shade, I'd suggest MAC's So Chaud (which will be getting its own post soon).

It actually turned out pretty reddish in these photos, but in real life, it's definitely more of a true orange. As it's got an Amplified Creme finish, there's a bit of a shine to it, but this can be adjusted with some blotting should you want.

What do you think of bright orange lips? Is it a trend you want to try out or pass on? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love it!!! And love the Kim K pose in the second pic haha!