Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Style For Your Shape: Apple

We're excited to share a new series with you today--Style for Your Shape! Over the next five weeks, we'll be featuring a different body shape every Tuesday, with advice on what styles to opt for and what to avoid for the most flattering look. So often, magazines will lump together all skinny figures as "rulers/boyish" and all plus-size shapes as "curvy," when this is so not the case--it's possible to be a thin hourglass or a plus-size ruler. You'll probably fall under one of the five main body types--Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Pear, and Ruler--and whatever your size, the same general rules for dressing your shape apply. If you're not sure which type you are, you might find this quiz helpful.

Today we'll be focusing on the Apple shape! Apple-shaped-shaped women typically:

  • carry their weight around their mid-section/torso area (and sometimes arms)
  • have a medium to large bust
  • have slim hips and legs (and occasionally very slim arms too)
  • are often described as "top-heavy"
  • may complain about their muffin top/love handles

      Here are some celebrities with your body type:

Apple Shaped Celebrities

When it comes to picking flattering styles, you want to play up your assets (your legs and bust), and downplay your wider mid-section. 

In general, steer away from:
  • tight, clingy tops/dresses 
  • high necklines
  • big, shapeless styles
  • bulky jackets, sweaters, etc.
  • lots of buttons/embellishment up top

Apple Shape Essentials

Apple Shape Essentials

1. Colourful Jeans & Trousers
Play up your streamlined lower half with interesting jeans, trousers, shorts... You can pull off pretty much any style -- lucky!!
Cheap Monday jeans societeanonymestore.com

2 & 7. Flattering Dresses
When it comes to dresses, you want something that will support your bust and flash a subtle bit of skin. No skimpy straps and flimsy fabrics! The grey dress's sleeves are perfect if you're self-conscious about your arms, while its sleek form-fitting body will highlight your slim lower half. The lace neckline of the black dress enhances your cleavage in an elegant way, while its floaty skirt skims over your mid-section.
Dolce Gabbana sheath dress - profilefashion.com, Vero Moda black dress - veromoda.com

3. Supportive Bras
As every busty girl will know, a supportive bra is a life-saver--or, at the very least, a style-saver--and can make or break an outfit. For the best fit, get a professional to take your measurements (Victoria's Secret and most department stores offer this service).
Lace bra - marksandspencer.com

4. A Cape or Swing Coat
A short coat that drapes over your mid-section and shows off your svelte lower half is your best look for outerwear. Avoid excessive buttons and zips, and anything too bulky.
MICHAEL Michael Kors outerwear - harrods.com

5. Figure-Enhancing Swimwear
For the most flattering look, opt for a halter-neck style in a solid colour and a patterned bottom. High-waisted styles are perfect if you want to conceal a tummy.
High waisted bathing suit etsy.com

6. Pencil Skirts
Your slim lower half is the envy of hippier girls, so play it up in form-fitting pencil skirts.
Erdem floral knee length skirt - brownsfashion.com

8. Silky Shirts
You want to avoid tops that are too clingy and fussy, but at the same time, you don't want to drown your figure in shapeless t-shirts. Silky tops offer the perfect, put-together solution, flattering and concealing in all the right places.
PYRUS blue shirt - question-air.com

9. Peplum Tops
The peplum style, whether you wear it as a top or dress, is a flattering look for Apple shapes: it conceals your tummy while giving the illusion of a defined waist.
Forever New peplum shirt - forevernew.com.au

10. Kickass Shoes
With your slender legs, you can pull off any type of shoe. Take advantage!  
Miss Selfridge strappy sandal missselfridge.com

So there you have it, Apple shapes! We hope you find these suggestions useful on your next shopping expedition. 

Up next Tuesday: the Hourglass...

Body shape image viahttp://www.liveinspiredmag.com/new-years-resolution-closet/

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