Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Style for Your Shape: Inverted Triangle

It's time for our third instalment of Style for Your Shape...and this week we're focusing on the Inverted Triangle! Also known as "Athletic," or the "Cone" shape, this body type is characterized by broad shoulders and narrower hips. It's similar to to the Apple shape in that they're both "top-heavy" figures, but Inverted Triangles tend not to be as busty and may not necessarily gain weight around their mid-section. If you're unsure which of the 5 shapes you are--Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Pear, or Ruler--you might find this quiz helpful. And if you're positive you're an Inverted Triangle, read on!

Women who have an Inverted Triangle shape typically:

  • have broad shoulders and a wide back
  • have slim hips and legs
  • have a small to medium bust
  • often have a muscular mid-section
  • gain weight in their arms/upper bodies 

Here are some Inverted Triangle celebrities:

Inverted Triangle Celebs

When it comes to finding flattering clothes, you want to keep proportions in mind to avoid emphasizing your more prominent upper body. However, while you may feel self-conscious about your broad shoulders, bear in mind that "clothes-hanger" shoulders are a much-desired trait on the runway! 

In general, you should avoid:
  • boxy jackets/blazers that over-emphasize your shoulders
  • thin straps
  • polo/turtle-necks
  • floaty, shapeless dresses

Inverted Triangle Essentials
Inverted Triangle Clothes

1. A Cropped Blazer
Avoid boxy, shoulder-padded styles, and opt for shorter blazers and jackets that draw attention to your slim hips.
Lipsy waterfall blazer - lipsy.co.uk

2. A Jersey Wrap Dress
This flattering style drapes in all the right places, and softens an angular upper half. 
Issa sapphire dress - shoplesnouvelles.com

3. A Boyfriend Cardigan
The great thing about having a boyish shape is that menswear-inspired styles look fantastic on you. Styles that may be unflattering on curvier figures, like oversized cardigans, suit your proportions.
Raquel Allegra long sleeve top lagarconne.com

4. Fun Shorts
With your slim lower half, you can play around with shorts styles, like these sweet scalloped ones. 
Topshop scalloped shorts topshop.com

5. A Scoop Neck Top
A simple scoop neck top in a dark colour is a flattering look for you. 
John Lewis scoop neck top - johnlewis.com

6. & 10. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!
Those slender legs of yours are ideal for experimenting with various styles of jeans, from retro flares to distressed boyfriends. 
The Seafarer navy jeans matchesfashion.com

7. A Floral Pencil Skirt
Draw attention to your lower half with bold, floral prints and slim-fitting, curve-creating pencil skirts. 
Patrizia Pepe print skirt - zalando.co.uk

8. A Round-Collar Coat
When it comes to coats, you don't want big, padded shoulders or large lapels; a minimalist, round-collar style is your best bet for a flattering look. 
Giambattista Valli beige coat - thecorner.com

9. Patterned Swimsuits
With your athletic build, you can go all out when it comes to swimsuits--lucky! A solid top and patterned bottom is a great way to draw the focus on your shapely lower half. 
Strapless swimsuit - pret-a-beaute.com

That's it for now, Inverted Triangles! We hope you found these suggestions useful for your next shopping expedition. 
Coming up next week: Pears! 

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