Monday, August 25, 2014

Orange Stripes are the New Black

Of all the clothes I wore this summer, this dress is the one item that got the most wears (by  far!). I pretty much lived in it from about May up til now, and I'll be sad to say goodbye once the days get cooler. However, we got off to a kind of rocky start... The first time I wore it out, I could barely walk because it was so constricting--the fabric would wrap around my ankles in such a way that made it impossible to hobble more than a few steps at a time. I did some DIY alterations when I got home by snipping a few inches up the side (as you can see in the third photo), and it's perfectly comfortable now, but I still had chafe marks on my ankles for weeks afterwards (#firstworldproblems).

Moral of this blog post?! Make sure you can walk in a dress (or anything, for that matter; a few strides up and down the fitting room should be good) before you buy it/wear it out. There's nothing more awful than having to cut short your plans because you can't walk in your dress! 

Dress - River Island
Sandals - J. Crew
Lipstick - Morange, MAC
White nail polish (on toes) - Loft


  1. Yeah I know what you mean Ali about not being able to walk in a dress. That's what happened to NickI Minaj last night at the VMA's. There was an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction!!

  2. I love the orange in this dress. it pops so well and looks amazing with the metallic sandals!