Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Favourite Beauty Trends for Autumn/Winter 14

As well as seeing what fashion trends are emerging for a new season, I love finding out what beauty trends will be prevalent, too. While there are some A/W 14 trends I wouldn't be the hugest fan of (I'm not quite confident enough to pull off the whole bare-faced look that's apparently a thing, for example), there are a handful that I'm excited to test out at some point this season. Here are my top 5 favourite looks:

a/W 14 Beauty Trends

1. Spidery Lashes
Decade-wise, the '60s seems to be dominating the fashion scene this season, and with it comes some of the beauty trends from that era. I've never been a fan of false eyelashes, but I think I'd be willing to try that spiky, mascara on the lower lashes look.

2. Navy Nails
To be honest, I'm not really a "nails" person (more often than not mine are bare), but I do like experimenting with new colours, and I love this matte navy look for fall. A lot of the time, I'll hesitate to paint my nails a certain colour because I feel I'll have to base my outfits around it for the week or so that I'm wearing it, but navy just seems to go with everything.

3. Violet Eyes
This look is ideal for those with green or hazel eyes, as purple apparently enhances greenness. I love the idea of trying out different shades, like a subtle lilac for day and a smoky plum for night.

4. Graphic Blue Eyeliner
I have yet to muster up the patience to perfect a cat eye look, but this trend may just inspire me to do it. (Vicky, on the other hand, has the cat eye down to a fine art and recently tried out a cobalt-blue winged eye that looks amazing). 

5. Nude Lips
I'm definitely a bright lip as opposed to strong eye kind of person, but I like the idea of shaking up my make-up routine a little bit and testing out a more neutral lip. (If anything, it'll mean I can eat things like apples and burgers without fear of smearing lipstick all over my face, for once).

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