Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Style for Your Shape: Pear

For our penultimate Style for Your Shape post, we'll be talking all things Pear! As we always say, this feature is not so much about size as it is about shape, and it's completely possible to be a plus-size pear or a skinny one. No matter how much weight pear shapes gain or lose, they tend to have a slimmer upper body in proportion to their lower half (where they carry their weight). If you're unsure which of the five body shapes you have--Apple, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Pear, or Ruler--you might find this quiz helpful. But if you know you're a definite pear, read on!

Women who are pear shaped typically:

  • have a small, well-defined waist and flat stomach
  • have a small to average-sized bust
  • carry their weight in their hips and thighs
  • often complain of "saddlebags"

Some Pear shaped celebrities include:

Pear Shaped Celebs

When it comes to choosing figure-flattering pieces, you want to bring the attention to your tiny waist (the envy of many other body shapes!) and slim upper body. Pick clothes that will enhance your best features, and conceal or skim over those you're more self-conscious of. 

In general, you should avoid:
  • skintight jeans and trousers in light colours and/or busy prints
  • baggy, shapeless trousers
  • tight, body-con skirts
  • skimpy tops that end above the hip-line (unless paired with a full, fit-and-flare skirt)

Pear Shape Essentials
Pear Shape Essentials

1. A Fit-and-Flare Coat
This shape of coat will show off your small waist and give you an hourglass figure. And with your smaller bust, you don't have to worry about excessive buttons or pockets making you look too bulky up top.
Orla kiely coat - orlakiely.com

2. and 7. Dresses with Embellished Necklines
When it comes to dresses, look for styles that have interesting details around the neckline, and a simple, flared skirt.
RED Valentino white floral dress - stylebop.com
Quiz green cocktail dress - debenhams.com

3. An Oversized Sweater
Many figures can look bulky in oversized tops, but this is one look you can pull off when worn with slim fitting jeans or leggings.
Yves Saint Laurent oversized sweater mytheresa.com

4. Stripes
A classic, horizontal-striped top is a perfect way of balancing out your proportions by widening your upper half.
J Crew slim fit t shirt jcrew.com

5. Eye-Catching Bikini Tops
When it comes to buying bikinis, you're the lucky type who can pull off even the most skimpy, ruffled, bejewelled tops that would look ridiculous on bustier girls. Because you've got a wider lower half, keep your bikini bottom simple and solid-coloured.
River Island swimsuit bikini - nelly.com

6. Flared Jeans
A pair of flares in a classic dark wash are not only on-trend: they balance your hips in the most flattering way.
River Island flared jeans - riverisland.com

8. Statement Necklaces
Because you've got a smaller bust, statement necklaces look fantastic on you, and you can afford to go all out with the kind of huge pieces that would be unflattering on someone bigger up top.
Humble Chic chain jewelry humblechic.com

9. A Circle Skirt
Your most flattering style of skirt is the classic circle/skater/flared: it highlights your waist and glides over your hips and thighs.
Closet yellow pleated skirt - johnlewis.com

10. Delicate Tops
Dainty, strappy tops look fabulous on you--they highlight your delicate d├ęcolletage and slim arms. 
Monsoon see through top monsoon.co.uk

That's it for now, Pears! Hope you found these suggestions useful! Up next week for our last Style for Your Shape post: the Ruler...

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