Monday, September 22, 2014

Five Favourite Shops: High Street (Ireland & UK)

One thing I miss about living in the British Isles is the fashion: in general, people over there are more daring with their style, and the high street shops (a phrase that just refers to middle-of-the-road chain stores as opposed to designer brands) reflect this. The downside, however, is the price (clothes over there are so expensive when you do the conversions!). 

Here, in alphabetical order, are some of my favourites (I've left Topshop out of this list, because although they're the quintessential high street classic, they've now got locations in North America).

1. Dorothy Perkins
Aimed at the 25-35 demographic, this shop is not quite as trendy or cutting edge as some of the others, but it's great for the kind of clothes I like---pretty dresses, skirts, and the like (and the sizes are nice and generous).

2. Miss Selfridge
Similar to Topshop and River Island, but I always feel that Miss Selfridge leans more towards girly than edgy. They often have great going-out dresses, and pretty tops and coats. 

3. New Look
One of the more budget-friendly high street shops, New Look still has the of-the-moment trends, but at more reasonable prices. And they have an incredible selection of shoes!

4. Oasis
Like Dorothy Perkins, Oasis is geared towards a slightly more mature demographic, and is not quite so trend-driven. I'm big into colour and pattern, and these are two things they do really well.

5. River Island
River Island has some fairly out-there stuff that I wouldn't be caught dead in...but then they also have really interesting but wearable pieces. Definitely a mixed bag, but I find I always strike lucky when I pay them a visit.

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  1. I love River Island. Everything I have ever bought there has been much admired. Their style is a little out of the ordinary.