Monday, September 29, 2014

Colours for Your Complexion: Winter

We're excited to share the first instalment in our new "Colours for Your Complexion" series today! You've probably heard of the whole "what's your season?" thing, and over the next four weeks, we'll be giving a breakdown of which colours look best on which seasonal categories of complexions.

There are four basic types -- Winter and Summer (cool tones) and Autumn and Spring (warm tones) -- which can each be broken down into further sub-categories (we won't be going into that depth for this series, but you can read more about the 3 types of Winters here if you're interested). 

Basically, if your skin has a pink or bluish cast to it, then you're a cool tone; if it's more golden, you're warm. If you've got light to medium skin, you can also determine your type by what colour your veins are: cool tones tend to have bluish-purple veins, while warm tones often have greenish ones. 

While I love most colours and kind of hate the idea of barring some from my wardrobe because they don't suit my skin type, I know that certain shades just look so much better on me than others. I'm a Winter, and in general, I find bright, cool jewel tones work best for me -- they liven up my (often pasty) skin, while drab earth tones have a tendency to wash me out. Over the years, I've fake tanned and dyed my hair (under which circumstances I can pull off other shades), but in my natural state, I'm a definite Winter.

If you're a fellow Winter, you'll probably have these characteristics:

Skin: Cool undertones (blue/pink). Skin can range from very pale to very dark.
Hair: Generally, Winters have dark hair.
Eyes: Anything goes really! Winters can have anything from pale blue to dark brown/black eyes.

You Look Best In: Bright jewel tones and icy shades.
You Can Look Washed-Out In: Earth tones and nudes.

Winter Skin Tones

Best Colours for Winters
Winter Colours

Next week is your turn, Summers!

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