Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Favourite Shops: Budget

I'm excited to introduce a new series today: 5 Favourite Shops! Here, I'll be giving a breakdown of my top stores in a variety of categories, from the best budget places to check out to the pricier spots that I can really only window shop in most of the time. 

For today's instalment, I'm going to share my favourite budget stores (which, to be honest, are where most of my clothes come from). When it comes to purchasing on-trend, budget-friendly pieces to update my look, these are my go-tos.


Where: This budget retailer has its roots in Ireland (where it's branded as Penneys), but can be found all over the UK and parts of Europe, too (where it's called Primark). 
Great For: Everything! My go-to place in Europe for basics like t-shirts, pyjamas, tights, and underwear at insanely cheap prices. (Trust me when I say that in terms of quality and selection, their lingerie section can rival that of Victoria's Secret). Obviously, some of their stuff will look its rock-bottom price tag, but I own some big item pieces from Penneys (ie. a black brocade coat I've worn a gazillion times) that I always get compliments on. 


Where: This Swedish company is pretty much everywhere now.
Great For: I've yet to go into an H&M and not be able to find at least 10 items I'd be very happy to take home--in terms of selection, trendiness, and wallet-friendly prices, they're tops. For me, I find they're great for summery dresses, pretty skirts, and interesting tops (as well as basic tees and the like). They have a good swimwear section in the summer, and I love how most of their bikini tops come in actual bra sizes. 

Forever 21

Where: Founded in the US in 1984 by a South Korean couple, Forever 21 can now be found all over North America and parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia. 
Great For: Most styles are catered to, from girly-girl to boho to edgy. As to what I like to buy there...well, let's just say that half of my 50+ skirts have a XXI tag. While their dresses can be hit and miss (sizes tend to run a little on the small/short side), I find their skirts usually fit well, and the selection is incredible. They're also great for jewellery, accessories, and other random little necessities like make-up bags. 

Old Navy

Where: The cheapest of the Gap Inc. trifecta, Old Navy is found across North America.
Great For: They do seasonal stuff really well, like pretty sundresses and shorts in the summer, and cosy pyjamas and sweaters around Christmas. Great for colourful, cheap and cheerful basics, as well as work-out gear. (And I'm also a fan of their shoes).

American Eagle Outfitters

Where: Founded in 1977, this chain is found throughout the US and Canada.
Great For: When I was a teenager in the early 2000s, American Eagle was the place to shop at (and I remember thinking how expensive it was!). These days, I find I'm a bit old (and big!) for a lot of their stuff (ie. their skimpy tops and teensy skirts), but I'm still a fan of their jeans--they're good quality, not too pricy, and many of them come in a longer leg length. 

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