Friday, September 26, 2014

Lipstick of the Week: Revlon Lovesick

Technically, this week's lipstick isn't actually a lipstick at's a "balm stain" from Revlon's Colorburst Collection in Lovesick, a deep pink. I'd been wanting to test out one of these crayon-like stains for a while, so when they were on sale for half price at Shopper's not too long ago, I snatched one up. And it didn't disappoint. While it's definitely not the rich, highly pigmented kind of product that I typically wear, it's good for days when I want a slightly more natural look (of course, natural for me being a relative term). Although it's not nearly as drying as some stains I've tried, I wouldn't exactly call it moisturizing -- I'd recommend having a clear chapstick on hand to layer over it.

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